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Iron Workers Leading the Way Again 

Americans have always stood in awe of Ironworkers.  Ironworkers are men and women brave enough to learn a trade that challenges the laws of nature in order to build dreams.  They are not typical workers.  It is no surprise, therefore, that these hard working, skilled trades people are the first to volunteer in times of need.  Tuesday, September 11th, 2001, presented the most heartbreaking challenge our country has known within its borders. 

Ironworkers were naturally among the first to respond to our terrible national tragedy.  Before the first of the rescue operations were in place, Ironworkers were calling their Local Union halls and the Union Headquarters in Washington, D.C., to immediately offer their assistance.

While many Americans were feeling shocked and helpless, Ironworkers were leaving their homes and traveling from all over the country, bringing supplies to their fellow laborers, offering skills, and volunteering to clean the tangled mess of steel and glass which had become the gravesite for so many of our loved ones at the Pentagon and the World TrAs Ted Crocker, retired member of Local 361, Brooklyn, New York, writes, "A proud International; a proud Union; a proud group of men who were on the scene before all the dust settled to assist in any way possible, risking their lives climbing over twisted steel beams, columns . . . I am sure there are some that worked on the erection of those buildings.  My hat is off to them. .  they will always be remembered. . "


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